Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Still barking

Having finished the liquor cabinet, I've been casting around for another project. I've decided to try desensitizing the dog to the car. As I've discussed before, drugs don't do much to stop Ada's constant barking in the car. According to the Internet, people have trained their dogs to like the car. They load the dog in the car and start driving, but then pull over whenever the dog barks. One person reported that it took her three hours to drive the first five-mile trip, but then things rapidly improved.

Well, Ada and I have spent about five hours in the car, and we haven't left the drive way yet. I pop her in the car, turn it on, and sit in the driver's seat with my earplugs. After some minutes, she calms down, and then I do something like flip on the turn signal or put the car into gear, and she goes crazy again. At some point, she may grow accustomed to the sound of the car being put into gear, and then we can do something exciting like drive forward five feet. In the meantime, I'm doing lots of great reading while sitting in the driver's seat.