Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Giving thanks at Disney

We went to Disney for Thanksgiving. We didn’t actually walk the grounds of Disney World, though, or pay the $100 entrance fee. Instead, we loitered near the entrance for a few days by staying at the Disney campground, Fort Wilderness. I must admit that Disney isn’t the first place I think to take a vacation, even though we now live a mere four hours from Orlando. However, my brother and his family were vacationing for a week at Disney, and the promise of family time at a place that is beloved by my niece, nephew, and sister-in-law was reason enough to go. And we had a blast.

The campground (contrary to what you might expect from Disney) is filled with real dirt and trees and squirrels and raccoons. But there’s also luxury – water and electric hookups at every campsite, and heated bathroom stations (a nice improvement over ‘dig a hole in the dirt’ bathrooms we have when we normally rough it). They also have lots of Disney events: there’s a nightly sing-a-long with  Chip and Dale, followed by an outdoor Disney movie. There’s a communal campfire for roasting marshmallows, and a restaurant where you can drink (very expensive) beer. We watched the nightly light show, when a train of boats with huge lighted screens glides by on the lake which separates the campground from the Magic Kingdom. (See how much I learned? I didn’t know until this weekend that Magic Kingdom refers to the original Disney World, whereas “Disney” is an all-encompassing term for the brand and/or the location.)

My niece Kyla got into the spirit by making her own nature-filled Mickey decoration.
We kayaked through the canals of the campground.

We played pirate-themed miniature golf.

We also froze nearly to death. We shivered through the first night, when the temperatures dipped to into the low 40s. Then we slipped over to a big box store and bought electric blankets for all, which led to camping bliss. I’m starting to see the benefits of electric hookups at campsites after all…

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Fried food makes it all better

We had a day full mundane tasks - choir practice and washing dishes and writing for work. I'm always looking for ways to throw little treats into a day like this. So we had homemade french fries with garlic mayonnaise. We ate them all so fast there was no chance of them getting cold.