Sunday, March 26, 2017


     One of the reasons I wanted to own a home was to have a guest room. I thought it was high time that my parents quit sleeping on the couch in the living room, and I wanted to be able to offer a comfortable place to friends when they came to visit. Well, they're coming to visit. Many of them. Next month I'll have guests for four weekends in a row. Every one had a different reason - my former thesis advisor is being feted, a friend's kid had Easter Monday off so it was a good time to travel, and so on.
     I'm delighted to see them all, but I purposefully kept March as low-social-event month so I could build up some socializing reserve. Instead, I caught up on projects, since I won't have much spare time in April. My mother made me a dressing gown from a vintage 1940's pattern, and I had to finish the hand-sewing on it. I am expanding the gardens in the back yard by five square meters, and I hauled in extra dirt and compost for them. I replaced two switches to my hallway light (which took me four tries, two calls with my dad, and the help of my friend N). I replaced my kitchen light. I snaked my drains which is most definitely the most disgusting homeowner job I've done so far (from now on, I will be seeking only roommates who are bald).
     And the guest room is ready: I added bedding, extra shelves, a luggage stand, and a reading light. Bring on the people!


de-I said...

So why is your post called 'anti-social'?

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Good question. March was anti-social month. April is pro-social month.

alexis said...

oh oh - pictures of the new guest room please! and the dressing gown?

Gill - UK said...

B has long hair and I need to, on a regular basis, get rid of the hairs - she really should be bald by now. However, as soon as there is a slow down in the rate of drainage I use chemicals - not the most environmentally friendly way of solving the problem, but effective.