Thursday, May 04, 2017

With the wind in my hair

I have a wonderful bike commute. Once I gave up on riding on the roads, added two miles to my commute, and started using the trails, I found the commute from my new house to be terrific. As I've said before, it largely follows a river tributary, through woods and parks. The new electric bicycle has eliminated all dread from my trip - I didn't even realize that I dreaded all the hills until I noticed how lightheartedly I approached them now.  And Google even fancied up a photo I snapped on my drive last week, to show how rosy the trip is. If you tie a scarf around your hair, stare at that picture, and listen to German podcasts for 60 minutes a day, you'll have experienced my commute.


Bernice said...

Lovely picture. Lovely discription. Could you post this on the Mustachian forum?

Dad said...

That road with the trees on the side reminds me of rural France.

alexis said...

oh wow, that looks amazing! I am delighted the little electric motor has made such an improvement! You know I missed biking one day to work and I really missed the activity! It's not much but I am very used to it now.