Saturday, July 08, 2017


It's 7am and I'm sitting outside with a cup of coffee. The heat of the day hadn't hit yet. I can hear a dove cooing, crickets chirping, and all kinds of cheerful birds tweeting. The bees are busy in the squash blossoms. The dog is relaxed, nearby, but ready to spring up the moment I start to indicate it's time for our walk.

In a few minutes, I'll go finish making my picnic lunch,  because my friend E, her kids, and I are headed to the beach today.

It's the best part of summer.


de-I said...

Everything sounds perfect...except here we consider doves to like rats with feathers so dove cooling is generally despised.

alexis said...

sounds marvelous! Summer is a wonderful thing.

Gill - UK said...

A perfect start to the day - Ada has it all worked out.