Sunday, June 18, 2017

June Garden Update

     After my initial worries about the failing spring garden, some of my plants soldiered on. In the past month, I've eaten garlic scapes, lettuce, peas, and a bit of broccoli. I've also been able to pick several cups of raspberries. Each time I step out in my front yard and eat fruit that I grew, I am still a bit amazed.
     Everything that was scheduled to be planted has been planted, although there is a small bare patch I had reserved for sweet potatoes that will need to be filled with something else. I couldn't get my seed potatoes to sprout, and I couldn't find any seedlings to buy. Nonetheless, I sit out every morning and survey my beds of tomatoes and squash with a satisfied, proprietary air and dream of meals to come.


de-I said...

I am glad that the 'farmer' genetics you inherited are panning out so well. Wife and concluded quite some time ago that if we had become pioneer farmers our most like result would have been starvation.

alexis said...

oh man, sweet potatoes - that would be something! Yum. Sweet corn instead??

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

AinA - I've never grown sweet corn. I've heard you need to grow a lot in order for it to pollinate, so I never wanted to devote that much space to one crop. Maybe I should try it someday, though.