Sunday, June 25, 2017


Some thing in my life went wrong, but they could have gone FAR MORE wrong. So here I am, counting my blessings.

1. I threw out my back on Monday. I laid down pretty much all the time I wasn't at work for the next two days, and took a lot of ibuprofen. Lo and behold, I got better! Lesson (perhaps) learned: don't pick up air conditioners in small confined places and don't try to slide a barrel with 50 gallons of water in it. (Spoiler: you can't move it.)
2. Someone rear-ended me yesterday. But she was going really slowly, perhaps 5 mph. When I got out and looked at my bumper, it sported two tiny new scratches, but no crumpling. I told the other driver we could just forget about it. My car is certainly old enough that I won't notice scratches, and I don't think any structural damage was sustained.
3. My washing machine broke last night. I siphoned out the water, and after several hours of consultation, I have partially disassembled it. My father and I haven't diagnosed it yet, but fixing washing machines seems so far above my ability level that I don't mind if I can't fix it. I will feel sufficiently accomplished if I simply attempt it. You should have seen the my celebrations when I simply figured out how to remove the case.


de-I said...

Glad that the back especially has responded so well to rest and anti-inflammatory

alexis said...

LOL, I can imagine the dance! That is a spell of near-disasters, I am glad to hear you are whole and sound, without major financial impact from them all!

Bernice said...

I commend you on your attitude through all this.

Gill - UK said...

Glad your back has improved - Fifty gallons of water plus the weight of the barrel is a hefty amount - I checked it out on Google.
Then the jerk of being hit from behind by another vehicle.
Then manoeuvring your washing machine to remove the case.
You certainly don't shy away from problems.